Kapital Bank launched another innovative payment decision

Kapital Bank presented for its customers the next technological innovation in the field of non -cash payments. Fans of active lifestyle can now make contactless payments using Garmin sports smart hours. Visa holders can use the new service.

To make a contactless payment, it is necessary to open the “wallet” application on the Garmin watch, enter the designated PIN code and bring the smart device to the payment terminal. With the help of hours, only a few presses can be made in supermarkets, pharmacies, taxis, restaurants, cafes and any other places where they accept contactless payments.

Tail a clock in order to start making payment is quite simple. Depending on the brand of the smartphone used by the user, you need to download the Garmin Connect application from the App Store or Google Play. Then just go to the Garmin Pay section in the application and add the Visa card from the Kapital Bank, following the specified instructions. To obtain additional information about Garmin Pay and devices supporting this service, follow the link: https://www.garmin.com/en-us/garmin-pay/.

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