“Karabakh” against Victoria in fight for access to Champions League group

Today at 20:45, the first match of the Round-Offe Champions League play between the Azerbaijani Karabakh and the Czech Victoria will begin at the Topy Bakhramov Republican Stadium.

The meeting will be judged by a team of arbitrators from Slovenia led by Slavko Vincch.

The excitement around the game is huge. All tickets for the match are adjusted.

“Karabakh” for the second time in its history will play in the round office of the Champions League. In 2017, the team of Gurban Gurbanova defeated the Danish “Copenhagen” and made his way to the group tournament.

Victoria played three times at the group stage of the Champions League.

Karabakh and Victoria met in the 3rd qualification round of the Champions League of the 2016/17 season. The match in Pilsen ended with a score of 0: 0, and in Baku the Czechs were able to equalize the score in the end and went further – 1: 1.

The lots reduced Azerbaijani and Czech clubs four times in matches for departure in European competitions. In all four cases, Czechs came to the next stage. Moreover, Azerbaijani teams could not win a single victory. The same “Karabakh”, in addition to the defeat from Victoria, in the UEFA Cup of the 1997/98 season, he lost twice “Yablonets” – 0: 5, 0: 3. And at the group stage of the Europa League 2016/17, Agdams unsuccessfully played with Slovan – 2: 2 in Baku and 0: 3 in Liberes.

Recall that in the current Champions League “Karabakh” the Polish “Lech”, the Swiss “Zurich” and the Hungarian “Ferencvarosh”.

was already held.

Victoria began the struggle with the 2nd round. Czechs passed the Finnish Hick and the Moldavian Sheriff.

The return game will take place in Pilsen on August 23.