Karen Donfried: US recognizes fears of Turkey

The United States recognize Turkey’s legal concern about the applications of Finland and Sweden for NATO membership and hope for a quick “positive decision”, according to the Turkish newspaper Dayli Sabah with reference to the statement of the assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasia Karen Donfried.

Donfried, speaking at the hearing in the Senate Committee on International Relations, which discussed the possible entry of the two Scandinavian countries to NATO, said: “We recognize Turkey’s legitimate concern about terrorism, which was also emphasized by the Secretary General of NATO Stoltenberg.”

According to her, NATO is guided by the adoption of joint decisions within the alliance, so now the countries are working together to solve the tasks. The United States relates to Turkey’s fears very seriously. Negotiations are underway between Turkey, Sweden and Finland on the approach to solving the problem of terrorism and supporting the Kurdistan terrorist working party in the Scandinavian countries.