Kaya Kallas: NATO And Ukraine Today Are Closer To Each Other Than Ever Before

NATO and Ukraine today closer to each other than ever before. This was stated by Estonian Prime Minister Kai Callas at the NATO summit in Washington.

Security, peace and stability in Europe depend on how the conflict of the Russian Federation and Ukraine ends, said the head of the Estonian government.

“Allies should help ensure the victory of Ukraine and support it on the way to NATO membership. It is significant that at a meeting in Washington we have accepted an important package of Ukraine’s support. We send Russia a clear signal that we are not tired of helping Ukraine and that Ukraine He has the right to independently choose the principles of organizing his safety, ”the press service of the Estonian government quoted the words of politics.

According to her, the military-political bloc should strengthen the collective defense, since “the threat from Russia has not decreased.”

At the NATO summit, the participants agreed that the military assistance to the Allies of Ukraine will be at least 40 billion euros per year. “By this, the allies take responsibility for the common goal – the victory of Ukraine – and Ukraine knows what it can count on. The more confident the help of the allies of Ukraine will be, the more true the victory of Ukraine will be,” Callas emphasized.

According to the Prime Minister, NATO and Ukraine today closer to each other than ever before. “At the summit, it was once again confirmed that the future of Ukraine is in NATO. The decisions adopted in Washington, we showed that the path of Ukraine to membership in the alliance is irreversible. We must not forget the important lesson of the last decades, which states that it is important to eliminate the lasting world Gray zones in European security. sooner or later lead to conflicts and wars, ”Kallas emphasized.

The Prime Minister also stated that the allies are more and more seriously related to defense investments, but it is necessary that the contribution to this sphere is at the level of 2.5 -3 percent of the GDP of each NATO member country.

“The purpose of Estonia is to achieve an agreement on an increase in defense costs to the next NATO summit in the Hague in 2025,” Kaya Kallas added.