Kazakhstan: 102,328 people have been saved and evacuated from beginning of flood

In Kazakhstan, 102,328 people have been saved and evacuated from the beginning of the flood, 37,537 children. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Republic.

“In Akmola, Aktoban, Atyrau, North Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan regions, 3,957 private residential buildings and 942 courtyards remain flooded. More than 9.1 million m3 of melt water, 1.7 million was launched. . Meshkotarch and 1.2 million tons of inert material. Water of 3,129 residential buildings and 2,033 courtyards are allocated. The flood began and evacuated 102,328 people, of which 37,537 children were saved. 3,246 people were saved by aircraft, of them, of there are 1,068 children. 10 120 people returned home. 6,757 people are in temporary accommodation points, of which 3,148 children are. 102,156 agricultural animals were driven out to a safe place, ”the Kazakhstani department said.

The Ministry of Emergencies noted that 98 overflows of roads, 107 erosions of roads remain under the control, of which 9 bridges and 100 roads are


The flood situation is monitored on rivers and reservoirs using aerial -means examination and the use of drones, as well as in some regions, explosive work on the rivers are carried out.

In order to prevent ice congestion, explosive work was carried out on the rivers Zhabai, Esil, Sarkyrm in the Sandiktau district of the Akmola region and the city of Petropavlovsk, North Kazakhstan region.

1.1 thousand tons of humanitarian aid were delivered to the injured regions, – added in the department.