Kazakhstan: about 100 thousand people were evacuated due to floods

Almost 100 thousand people are evacuated from regions affected by floods caused by melting snow in Kazakhstan.

As a result of floods caused by the melting of snow after a plentiful rainy winter, more than 3 thousand houses were flooded in 10 regions of the country, transport infrastructure was damaged, especially roads and bridges.

In the western and northern parts of the country, dams are filled due to floods.

According to the statement of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, at the moment 99 thousand 920 people have been evacuated from the flood zones in the country. Currently, 6 thousand 566 of them were located at temporary accommodation points, and 9 thousand 15 people returned to their homes.

From the flooded rural areas, 98 thousand 106 heads of small and cattle were evacuated, more than 8 thousand animals died.

The country has 34 thousand 272 people, including the military, day and night work on the evacuation of the population and the fight against floods.

1000 tons of humanitarian aid were delivered to the regions injured from floods.