Kazakhstan exports to EAEU countries grew by 90%

Kazakhstan’s export to the EAEU grown by 90 percent. This was announced by the Minister of Trade and Integration of the Republic Arman Shakkaliev, Kazinform reports.

Over seven years, the mutual trade of Kazakhstan with partners increased by 74 percent and reached $ 28 billion according to the results of 2022, the minister said, speaking at the government hour in the Mazhilis on the development of trade policy. According to the head of the department, in 2015 this figure was $ 16.3 billion.

“Kazakhstan exports to the EAEU countries grew by 90 percent (in 2015 – $ 5.1 billion, in 2022 – $ 9.7 billion). As for this year, we managed to withdraw 10 barriers. In Kyrgyzstan, there are unequal conditions for VAT for agricultural equipment, in Belarus – restrictions on access to pharmacies of drugs from the EAEU countries (at least 50 percent of Belarusian production drugs have been established), the barrier in the public procurement for machine tools was eliminated in Russia, ”said Arman Shakkaliev.

The Minister also noted that to ensure mutual access to the procurement of the EAEU countries, general industrial processing criteria for about 450 commodity positions (17 industries) have been developed, the list of goods, the origin of which is confirmed by the CT-1 (173 positions).

This will increase Kazakhstani export to the market of partner countries with a volume of more than $ 100 billion annually, the head of the department believes.

The prospects of concluding agreements on the free trade zone with third countries are opening, Kazakhstan interacts with Serbia, Vietnam and in a truncated format with Iran in free trade, the head of the Ministry of Education said.

“As a result, the turnover with Vietnam over 7 years increased 2.5 times (up to $ 525.7 million), with Iran for 3 years – by 38 percent (up to $ 521 million), with Serbia for the year of the agreement “3 times (up to 73.8 million dollars),” added Shakkaliev.