Kazakhstan for “peaceful plan” of China

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan welcomes China’s “peace plan” on the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. Astana considers it an non -alternative to a peaceful solution to the problem on the basis of international law and principles of the UN Charter.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Beijing’s position “deserves support as contributing to the cessation of bloodshed based on territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of states in accordance with the fundamental principles of the UN Charter”.

“We are advocating that the parties involved in the military conflict show goodwill, stop hostilities and rather sit at the negotiating table, and the world community in every possible way contributed to the diplomatic decision of the situation,” the Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry said.

China presented its “peace plan” on the anniversary of the invasion of the Russian Federation to Ukraine, February 24. It consists of 12 points. It indicates the requirements to cease fire, begin peace negotiations, stop unilateral sanctions and ensure the stability of supply chains. Beijing’s initiative was supported by the Russian Foreign Ministry. President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky believes that China’s proposals are not a peaceful plan, but by the statement of their thoughts about the war. US President Joe Biden said the Chinese plan is beneficial only to Russia.