Kazakhstan has canceled restrictions on import of animals and certain types of products from 26 regions of Russian Federation

Kazakhstan has canceled restrictions on the import of livestock and poultry, as well as some types of products from 26 regions of Russia. It is reported by Rosselkhoznadzor.

“The Committee of Veterinary Control and Supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan from January 16 cancels previously introduced restrictions on the foot and foot and penny, nodular dermatitis, shells and goats for import into the republic of a number of goods from the territory of 26 regions of Russia,” the report will be said in the message .

The supply of living animals and poultry, meat, dairy and all types of poultry products, finished products, incubation eggs, genetic material, feed and feed additives for birds and living animals, non -drinking and unprocessed leather raw materials and products obtained from slaughter of animals are allowed and birds who have been used for their maintenance, slaughter and processing, as well as hunting trophies, the department noted.

In addition, from some regions, transit can be carried out through the territory of Kazakhstan of the cattle, living sheep and goats.