Kazakhstan: in 2023, more than 223 million cyber attacks of foreign hackers recorded

more than 223 million attempts by cyber attacks committed on Kazakhstan in 2023 are on foreign hackers. It is reported by Zakon.kz with reference to the information of the state technical service.

According to the technical service, cyber attacks on Kazakhstan were made mainly from Ukraine, USA, Poland, Russia and China.

Hackers tried to find a gap in the protection of customers eshdi (a single gateway of access to the Internet), this is a hardware and software complex that provides protection for telecommunication networks when going to the Internet, said in the service.

In addition, the local executive bodies (133.5 million attempts by Kiberatak), then state bodies (47.7 million), the quasi -state sector (27 million), telecom operators (19.9 million) and private companies (2 , 9 million).

The most attacks were made on a public sector – 62%. Special activity was observed in the northern regions of Kazakhstan (North Kazakhstan region, Akmola region, Kostanay region).

The peak of harmful activity using the IT infrastructure of Ukraine falls on July and almost all of them (95%) are associated with attempts to operate vulnerabilities in the ZYXCEL equipment.