Kazakhstan in 2023 will supply at least 890 thousand tons of oil in Germany

In the period from February to July of this year, Kazakhstan put 390 thousand tons in Germany under the Friendship oil pipeline. oil. This was announced by the Chairman of the Board of JSC NC “Kazmunaygaz” (KMG) Magzum Mirzagaliev as part of the visit of the Kazakhstan delegation to Germany.

in June of this year as part of the visit of the President of Germany Mr. Frank-Walter Steinmar to Kazakhstan KazMunaygaz and Rosneft Deutschland (the management company of the plant) signed a contract for the supply of raw oil. I want to note that contract obligations are actively implementing. And , according to our plans, the total volume of supplies to Germany in 2023 will be at least 890 thousand tons, ”Mirzagaliev said.

In turn, the Federal Republic of Germany emphasized that they were pleased to strengthen interaction with Kazakhstan in the oil and gas sector, confirming their interest in increasing the volume of supply of Kazakhstani oil and from the resources of other Kazakhstani oil companies.

The annual capacity of the PCK Raffinerie refinery plant, providing 90% of the needs of Berlin and the federal land of Brandenburg in gasoline, diesel, furnace and aviation fuel, is over 11 million tons of raw oil. In 2022, the German government applied to Kazakhstan with a request for the supply of Kazakhstani oil to the enterprise.