Kazakhstan is ready to cooperate with Turkey in space sphere

The flight of the Turkish astronaut of Alper Geezeravji to the International Space Station (ISS) as part of the AX-3 mission is a harbinger of successful implementation of the Turkish space program.

This was said in an interview with the correspondent of the Anadolu agency Aydin Aimbetov – the third Kazakhstani cosmonaut, who visited space, and the first who went to flight under the flag of independent Kazakhstan.

On September 2, 2015, I, as part of the crew “TMA-18M” Aimbetov first flew from the Baikonur cosmodrome to the International Space Station. I stayed in space 9 days 20 hours 13 minutes 51 seconds.

According to Aimbetov, he met with Alper Goseravji at the 34th Planetary Congress in the Turkish Bursa in 2023 and wished him success in his mission.

He said that he dreamed of flying into space from early childhood, the Oddogotovka began to fly to space during the service in the Air Force of Kazakhstan.

Ayymbetov said that he still remembers his flight into space. “The most unique and enchanting moment in space is when you see the Earth through the porthole. When you look down to the ground, you do not see the boundaries,” says the astronaut.

The interlocutor of the agency emphasized the importance of international cooperation in the field of space research. According to him, Kazakhstan is ready to interact with Turkey in this regard.

According to him, last year, for this purpose, the Kazakhstan side made contacts with the Turkish Space Agency (TUA). He noted that Kazakhstan attaches important importance to Turkey’s cooperation in the field of exchange of space satellite images, primarily in emergency situations and natural disasters.