Kazakhstan launched digital tenge

In Almaty, as part of the XI Congress of financiers of Kazakhstan, a ceremony of starting digital tenge was held.

The first purchase of a card in digital tenge was made by the chairman of the National Payment Corporation Binur Zhelenov during the presentation of the project.

According to Kazinform, the National Bank of Kazakhstan in pilot mode launched a digital tenge platform with the participation of second -level banks and their customers. The architecture of the platform allows bank customers to use digital tenge thanks to the opening of the digital account in the mobile application of the service bank.

As part of the Congress of Financiers of Kazakhstan, the first issue of digital tenge was made by the National Bank: in favor of banks participating in their digital accounts and further banks for digital accounts of customers.

digital tenge combines the already existing advantages of cash and non -cash money, discovering new opportunities for targeted social payments, increasing the efficiency of public procurement, optimizing cross -border payments, creating programmable payments. It is expected that the three -stage introduction of digital tenge will end by the end of 2025.

“Digital tenge is the third form of the national currency in addition to cash and non -cash. It reveals the potential of blockchain technology to create innovative financial services, provides targeted and efficiency of government spending, and also paves the” bridge “between traditional finances and the world of digital assets The launch that took place today launched the development of the digital tenge ecosystem and in the near future, Kazakhstanis will be able to use the first products based on it, ”said the chairman of the National Payment Corporation of Kazakhstan, Binur Zhelenov.

On November 15, the XI Congress of Financiers of Kazakhstan started in the city of Almaty. The event was organized by the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan with the support of the National Bank of Kazakhstan and the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the regulation and development of the financial market.

At the panel sessions of the Congress of financiers, the heads of foreign central banks and financial institutions, representatives of Kazakhstani state bodies and financial institutions will discuss topical issues of macroeconomic policy and financial sector.

In particular, this year the participants will consider issues of monetary policy in the current conditions, macroeconomic stability and fiscal discipline, as well as the topics of the cyber resistance of the financial sector and the role of innovation in the global change in financial markets.