Kazakhstan plan to transfer to management of investors from Europe 22 airports

Kazakhstan authorities plan to transfer to the management of investors from Europe 22 airports, reports Kazinform.

The Minister of Transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan Marat Karabaev in Brussels met with the deputy prime minister – Belgian Transport Minister Georges Gilkin. During the meeting, issues were discussed on expanding transport corridors between Europe and Kazakhstan, as well as the development and strengthening of long -term mutually beneficial cooperation of the two countries in the field of transport.

Karabaev proposed using Kazakhstani sites as the main and most stable transit route between Europe and Asia.

The head of the Ministry of Transport said that in the next 5 years, Kazakhstan intends to attract investments with 40 billion euros to implement the main infrastructure projects in the field of transport.

“During this period, it is planned to reconstruct the transit corridors with a length of 4.7 thousand kilometers and repair the same roads that make up the basis of the frame of the Transkaspian International Transport Route (TMTM). To implement projects, we offer to attract funds as part of the Global Gateway initiative and we invite European contracting Organizations become participants in a large project for the construction of highways of Kazakhstan, ”the minister said.

In the railway industry, the construction of new main directions with a length of 1300 kilometers and modernization of the current infrastructure is expected.

In the field of civil aviation for the development of the industry and the creation of a continental transit hub, it is planned to transfer to investors to control 22 of Kazakhstan Airport.

To strengthen the sea fleet and create a container hub in the port of Aktau, investors are offered 171 hectares for the development of terminal capacities. Along with this, it is possible to transfer sea ports to Aktau and Kuryk to trust control on the basis of ship-orpay.