Kazakhstan plans to increase grain supply

In six months of 2023, Kazakhstan exported more than 100 thousand tons of grain to China. This was reported in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic.

“This year, an agreement was reached with the Chinese side of the export of Kazakhstan grain to the Alashankou station according to the one railway line -up scheme (after a three -year ban on coronavirus). Thanks to this, Kazakhstani exporters resumed grain export to the Chinese direction. Thus, for the first half of 2023, in China, according to the “One Railway Station” scheme, more than 100 thousand tons of domestic wheat were exported, ”the department said, responding to the request of Kazinform.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, an agreement has currently been concluded on the sending of two railway trains per day.

“This will significantly increase the volumes of grain export. Also, negotiations are underway on an increase in the number of receivers of Kazakhstan grain. This will also help increase the supply of Kazakhstan grain to the PRC,” the ministry added.

In addition, the Kazakhstani department drew attention to the fact that wheat deficiency may occur in the world.

“On a permanent basis, work is underway to increase the competitiveness of domestic grain in export markets. For example, to increase the export of grain from Kazakhstan to Afghanistan, work is carried out to obtain tariff preferences for transit transportation through the territory of Uzbekistan,” the Ministry of Agriculture noted in the Ministry of Agriculture .

Along with this, JSC “Prod -Corporation” and other Kazakhstani exporters plan to increase grain supply to the countries of the Caucasian region, primarily to Azerbaijan.

“Russia’s exit from a grain agreement will certainly lead to an increase in grain prices in the world. The fact is that Ukraine is one of the world’s largest grain exporters and grain exporters. The impossibility of Ukrainian grain to enter the world market to a certain extent to a certain extent can cause a deficit, ”the department said.

It was previously reported that Kazakhstan is losing traditional grain sales markets.