Kazakhstan switches to single time zone

From February 29, a single time zone (UTC+5) begins to operate in Kazakhstan instead of two time zones used so far.

According to the decision of the Government of Kazakhstan, on the night of February 29 to March 1, hours will be transferred one hour ago in all cities in all regions of the country, except for the western part of the country. Thus, the country will be completely included in the time belt UTC+5, used in the western part of the country.

Information messages about changing the clock belt were sent to mobile phones of citizens.

On this issue, a hot line is organized by the time of flights and railway communication. Banks announced a possible restriction of access to some services in mobile applications.

The Government of Kazakhstan decided to switch to a single time zone last year, saying that in the western part of the country the time zone is used, leading UTC (World Coordinated Time) for 5 hours (UTC+5), and in other regions – by 6 hours (UTC+6), and this situation causes numerous problems.