Kazakhstani ship transports grain from Berdyansk to Turkey at request of Ukraine

Grain transportation by the Kazakhstani vessel “Zhibek Zholy” from Berdyansk to Turkey is carried out at the request of Ukraine by humanitarian means, the National Company “Kazakhstani Railways” said.

“October 26, 2021” KTZ Express Shipping “(a shipowner, 100% of the shares belongs to KTZ Express, which, in turn, is the” daughter “” Kazakhstani railways “) concluded a bourbout charter agreement with the Russian company LLC “Green -Line”, passing him the ship “Zhibek Zholy” until November 30, 2022, “the statement said.

It is noted that the document provides for guarantees by Green-Line LLC that they do not fall under any sanctions on the date of conclusion of the contract and during the term of its validity. Otherwise, the shipowner has the right to immediately terminate it. At the same time, the tenant does not agree with the shipowner the genus of the cargo and the routes of its transportation. According to Kazakhstani Railways, LLC Green-Line and its leadership (Schepin A.V., Tikhomirova MV) do not consist in the sanctions lists of the USA, EU, Great Britain and Canada.

This company has concluded a long -term contract for the transportation of grain from Ukraine to Turkey with the Estonian company “Mangelbert OU”. According to the head of the Mangelbert OU, on June 28, 2022, the vessel Zhibek Zholy was loaded with wheat in the Berdyansk Sea Commercial Port (6927.8 tons), reached the Turkish port of Karasa (estimated time of arrival of the vessel – July 1, 2022). In addition, he claims that the grain is Ukrainian, and transportation is carried out according to the coordinated humanitarian corridor at the request of the Ukrainian side.

At the same time, KTZ Express AO conduct active consultations with participants in this transport, as well as representatives of the diplomatic mission, the company emphasized.