Kenya: strike of medical workers continues

In Kenya, the strike continues, initiated by medical workers with the requirements of raising wages and improving working conditions.

According to the Star website, the country’s governors rejected the demand to increase the salary of this group of protesters, noting the fact that doctors are the highest paid specialists in the regions.

the Committee, formed by the labor court, could not make a decision on 47 provinces to mitigate the dissatisfaction of hundreds of medical workers, striking from March 14, and the governors said they would not participate in the negotiations.

The Chairman of the Council of Governors Anne Vaiguru emphasized that the heads of regions value the court to search for a decision at the national level. “However, this decision is unacceptable, since both the national and the regional government is independent, and also represents different employers,” she said.

Vaiguru noted that measures will be taken in relation to doctors who did not work within five weeks.

Earlier, employees of the healthcare of Kenya called for a nationwide strike in order to increase wages and improve working conditions. The strike was initiated by the largest trade union in the country of the Kenyan Union of Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists (KMPDU). “