Khachatryan: In Europe, they began to look askance at Armenia

In Europe, they began to look askance at Armenia. Moreover, this applies not only to Europe, but also to Iran, Russia, and, apparently, the United States.

This was announced at a meeting of the National Combination (Parliament) of Armenia by the deputy from the Opposition Bloc “Armenia”, a member of “Dashnaktsutyun” Arthur Khachatryan.

According to him, the relationship between Armenia and Russia has never been so tense. This, as the parliamentarian noted, even the current authorities do not hide.

“The last statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov is this vivid confirmation. It is not necessary to create the illusion that the problems arose with the CSTO, and relations with the Russian Federation are as beautiful and appetizing as the chocolate” inspiration “, – Khachatryan said.

In his opinion, the statements of the State Department of the United States that corruption in Armenia prevents investment is also not accidental.