Khamenei Advisor: Azerbaijan – light of our eyes

Iran will support Azerbaijan if some country attacks him, said Ali Akbar Velayati, an adviser on foreign leader Iran,

“The Azerbaijani people are the light of our eyes. In recent weeks, someone out of ignorance, and someone from the bias spreads rumors that Iran wants to fight with Azerbaijan. This is a vile slander for Iran. Iran is not going to attack which one -Lobo the country, including its neighbors, be it in the Caucasus or anywhere else.

Iran will support Azerbaijan if some country attacks him. The people of Azerbaijan are governing their country, and such inappropriate words and accusations are groundless, and let them know – the enemies of Iran and Azerbaijan, that their efforts will be in vain in this regard, “, – said Velayati, he is quoted by Iran media.

“Each Azerbaijani is an Iranian, and every Iranian is Azerbaijani. This is true, even if they have a nyran passport, or they live outside Iran,” continued Khamenei adviser, saying: “I am also Azerbaijani.”