Khashd Ash Shabi announced beginning of investigation of attack on headquarters in Iraqi province of Babil

Shiite militia “Hashd al-Shaba” in Iraq announced the beginning of an investigation of an attack on the headquarters in the province of Babil.

“In the area of ​​the headquarters” Hashd al-Shaabi “at the base of Kalso north of Babil the explosion thundered. An investigation team arrived at the scene. As a result of the explosion, material damage was caused, there are injured, the militia will say.

New information will be provided following the investigation of the incident, ”the message says.

It is reported that seven people were injured as a result of the incident.

Abu Ala al-Velai, the leader of the Militia “Kataib Seyid al-Shuhad”, associated with “Hashd al-Shaabi, threatened the attack on the guilty in this incident.

statements from the Iraqi government on this subject have not yet received.

It was reported that the headquarters of the Shiite militia “Khashd al-Shaabi” in Babil (Iraq) underwent an air attack.