Kiev: rejected idea of Commandant’s hour due to Covid-19

Minister of Health of Ukraine Maxim Stepanov rejected the proposal to introduce a curfew in Kiev against the background of record incidence of COVID-19, writes “Ukrainian truth.”

According to him, the Ukrainian authorities are now “even conversations do not lead” about the use of such practice in the fight against coronavirus, as it would have to declare a state of emergency throughout the country. “All we need is to keep those quarantine measures that are,” said Stepanov.

He noted that despite the critical indicators of the feill the hospitals and mortality from the disease, many Kievans continue to negotiate sanitary requirements. “When in Kiev, the red level of epidsecopiness and simultaneously pass fairs is unacceptable,” the minister added.

On March 31, the mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko announced the introduction of a Total Quarantine regime in the Ukrainian capital, which will last from April 5 to 16. At this time, school and kindergartens will be completely stopped in the city, it will be possible to use public transport only if there is a special work, and most employers will force send their employees on vacation or remote operation.