Kirby: peaceful initiatives in Ukraine should first take into account opinion of Kyiv

proposals for the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine should first take into account the point of view of the Kyiv authorities.

So the coordinator of strategic communications in the National Security Council of the White House John Kirby commented on the peace initiatives proposed by China.

According to him, the United States wants the war in Ukraine to end.

“Obviously, we want to see the world in Ukraine. Ukrainians want to see the world in Ukraine, we need to achieve primarily with the participation of the Ukrainian side. This should proceed from the fundamental recognition of who is an aggressor here, and this is Russia. Therefore, we will not be We are not going to dictate to the President Zelensky about Ukraine without Ukraine when he will be ready for negotiations or under what conditions, or under what circumstances. He himself must make this decision, ”Kirby said.