Kirby: Russia continues to receive Iranian drones

The US authorities believe that the strengthening of the military-technical cooperation of Iran and Russia can harm Washington partners in the region.

This was stated at a briefing by the coordinator for strategic communications in the National Security Council (SNB) of the White House John Kirby.

According to him, “relations between Iran and the Russian Federation in the defense sector are expanding and deepening” and “clearly indicate that they want to produce more exchanges with each other”.

Kirby noted that Washington “has no doubt that Russia still continues to receive drones from Iran” for their use in Ukraine.

“The equally significant concern is that Russia can look for ways to improve the capabilities of Iran in the Middle East. So these developing relations in the field of defense are bad not only for Ukrainians, but can also be something bad for our partners and friends in the Middle East, if it really turns out that Russia can provide additional opportunities for the Iranian Armed Forces, ”the representative of the White House believes.

Note that Moscow and Tehran have repeatedly rejected the versions of the supply of Russia Iranian drones for their use in Ukraine.