Kremlin commented on macron statement

The Russian authorities “absolutely disagree” with the fact that Russia and China are “some kind of war” or use the topic of coronavirus vaccines as a tool of influence, the press secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov said, reports RBC.

According to the report, journalists asked him to comment on the words of the President of France Emmanuel Macgron about the threat of “World War of the New Type” due to the actions of Moscow and Beijing in the field of vaccines.

Peskov said that Moscow appreciates the “trust dialogue between Macron and Putin”, as well as the readiness and desire of the French leader “the most difficult issues to discuss within this dialogue.”

But the words of Macron about war and vaccines “belong to the sphere of our absolute differences,” the press secretary of the Russian president added: “We absolutely disagree with the fact that Russia or China lead some war or use vaccine issues as a tool influences. “