Kremlin: financial support of Ukraine provides US profit

The allocation of the next packet of assistance to Ukraine cannot affect the situation in the conflict zone, but only provides US profit. This was stated by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

“, by virtue of their internal political disagreements in Washington, are looking for different modality in order to continue assistance to Ukraine. In any case, under any modes of this assistance, de facto we are talking about provoking Ukraine to further hostilities to the last Ukrainian with the guaranteed guaranteed profit for the United States, ”said the Kremlin representative, whose words are given by Russian media.

He noted that the United States is striving for a significant part of the money allocated to remain in the American military-industrial complex and then paid in the form of taxes to the state.

“Ukraine now, not only should it fight for this, providing profit to the Americans, it should fight to the last Ukrainian – well, it is also covered with debts. The favorite colonial policy of the United States of America,” said the Kremlin representative

The spokesman of the President of the Russian Federation also said that he does not have information about the detention in Germany two people on suspicion of work on the special services of the Russian Federation.

“I can’t, I do not have any information on this subject,” said Peskov, commenting on the corresponding question.

Earlier, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Germany confirmed the detention in the Bavarian Bayroit two people suspected of espionage in favor of Russia.