Kremlin: NATO Military Infrastructure Continues To Move Towards Borders Of Russian Federation

Moscow sees that the NATO military infrastructure continues to move towards the Russian borders and this requires return actions from it. This was stated by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the results of the NATO summit.

“We see a decision made in NATO to create logistics hubs in the Black Sea cities, to open additional points in Europe. And we see that in fact NATO military infrastructure is constantly moving towards our borders,” said Peskov, whose words are given by Russian media.

The Kremlin representative also drew attention to the decision that Ukraine should become a member of NATO over time.

“It is obvious that the Alliance is pursuing one of its main goals – the suppression of Russia, the application of Russia strategic defeat. This obliges us to very deeply analyze the decisions and on discussions, very carefully analyze the text of the declaration. This is a very serious threat to the national security of our country , All this will require us to well thought out, effective, effective measures for NATO counter.

“Work on a nuclear doctrine is underway, these discussions really take place, experts are discussing. But this is not the only [deterrence method],” Peskov added.

The Kremlin representative also said that Russia was always ready for negotiations on security in Europe, but it will not discuss some separate elements torn from the general context.

“We are ready and want to discuss the whole situation in the complex, all aspects related to security on the [European] continent, the security of our country, with security guarantees for other states. But all this should be discussed together,” said the Kremlin representative . At the same time, he indicated that for the Russian Federation, “the expansion of NATO into the territory of Ukraine is an unacceptable threat” for the existence of the country.