Kremlin recognized disagreements with Turkey, but

The Kremlin’s official representative Dmitry Peskov admitted that Russia and Turkey have disagreements on the situation in Syria, but the level of relations of the countries allows them to resolve them through negotiations. The spokesman of the Russian leader said this in an interview with the Russian media.

“There are disagreements with Turkey in Syria,” said the Kremlin representative, explaining that “there is another excellent story with Turkey. The level of our relations and political wisdom allow us to resolve such disagreements not by confrontation, but by tense, but by tense Let long, but still negotiations. And this level of mutual understanding and mutual respect is indeed a good basis for even discussing such difficult situations. “

On the eve of the Turkish authorities refused to ask for any permission of the NATO allies to conduct a military operation in Syria. Nevertheless, the press secretary of the Turkish president noted that the government is ready to discuss its actions with the allies in the north of Syria and Iraq.