Kursk region of Russian Federation reported an attempt by attacks by drones-Kamikadze

Two Kamikadze drones tried to attack the infrastructure in the village of Gordeevka Korenevsky District of the Kursk region of Russia, another fell in the village of Troitsky.

On Monday, on February 26, Governor Roman Starovoit reported in the telegram channel, assigning responsibility on the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Today, 2 Ukrainian Drona-Kamikadze tried to attack the infrastructure in the village of Gordeevka of the border Kororenevsky district. There were no victims. There were no destruction. Another drone-kamikadze fell in the garden in the village of Troitsky, ”follows from the message. He reminded the citizens of the need not to approach the wreckage of the drones and not to touch them.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation also reported on February 26 about the interception of the drone over the Belgorod region.

“At about 11.00 Moscow time, an attempt by the Kyiv regime has been suppressed to make a terrorist attack using an aircraft type UPS on objects in the Russian Federation. Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle on-duty air defense systems was destroyed over the territory of the Belgorod region,- follows from the department.

The authorities of Ukraine did not comment on the posts of shelling.