Kyiv proposes to convene Council of Ukraine-NATO on energy security issues

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine on European and Euro-Atlantic integration Olga Stefanishin during a meeting with the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday proposed to convene the Council of Ukraine to discuss energy security.

This was reported by the press service of the Government of Ukraine.

Stefanishin and Stoltenberg in Brussels discussed the implementation of the decisions of the NATO summit in Vilnius, as well as the urgent needs of Ukraine in war conditions.

It was, in particular, the adaptation of the annual national program (GNP), which should become an instrument for assessing the progress of Kyiv in the implementation of alliance standards and the basis for making a decision on membership.

The Deputy Prime Minister also reminded of the Council of Ukraine-NATO-a new format for the interaction of Kyiv with an alliance agreed on the Vilnius summit. In July of this year, after the one -sided exit of Russia from the Black Sea Grain Initiative, the first extraordinary meeting of the Council was held.

Stefanishina noted that Ukraine considers the Council primarily as a tool for integration with an alliance, and suggested in the near future to hold his meeting on energy security.