Kyiv: Russia cannot act as peacekeeper in Transnistrian settlement

Ukraine considers the negotiation format “5+2” on Transnistrian settlement non-functional in connection with the presence of Russia in it, which cannot act as a peacekeeper, the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said.

“We consider the negotiation format” 5+2 “non -functional in connection with the presence of the aggressor state of Russia in it, which cannot act as a peacekeeper in any peaceful settlement,” the statement on the website of the Foreign Ministry.

The department noted that Ukraine is and remains an active participant in the process of Transnistrian settlement and identifies its main goal to the reintegration of the Republic of Moldova.

The statement notes that the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine carefully monitors the latest events in the Transnistrian region of Moldova and calls for a peaceful solution to the problematic issues of an economic and socio-humanitarian nature in relations between Chisinau and Tirazpler without destructive external interventions.

“Ukraine advocates the peaceful settlement of the Transnistrian conflict in compliance with the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Moldova,” it says.

In addition, the statement states that Ukraine continues to act as an early withdrawal from the territory of the Transnistrian region of Moldova of the Russian troops, the disposal of ammunition in warehouses in the village of Solbasnaya, and reformatting the mission at the Dniester from military to civilian.

“For ten years, Ukraine is opposed by Russian aggression and has been resisting the full -scale invasion of Russia for more than two years. Our state, like no other, knows what the horrors of war are, and what is the price of the world. We have been making and continue to make every effort to maintain stability and Strengthening security in Europe, as well as preventing any attempts by Russia to destabilize Moldova or other countries of our region, ”the Foreign Ministry emphasized.