Kyrgyz Turks in Turkish Van gather at same table on Ramazan

Kyrgyz Turks, who moved in 1982 from the Pamir Valley in Afghanistan to the village of Ulupamir of the Southeast Turkish Province of Van, retain the tradition of the collective Iftar (conversation, evening meal during the month of Ramazan).

Throughout the ramazan, women from three families gather daily and prepare traditional dishes in boilers on a wood -fledged fire. Children at this time spend the time behind the game Ashik in anticipation of Iftar.

Cooked dishes are then equally distributed through three houses. Families are invited to their homes of relatives and neighbors, together they make an evening prayer and gather at the same table on Iftar.

Kyrgyz Turks, demonstrating one of the best examples of solidarity, intend to preserve these traditions in the coming years.

Mukhtar of the district, Eyuuphan Vansever, told the Anadolu agency that, according to tradition, three families are preparing dishes for Iftar, and the rest of the quarter come to visit.

According to the Wansever, women and men sit down at the table in different houses.

“Our goal is to maintain unity and solidarity, as well as traditions and customs. A heavy part of the work falls to the share of women. The sheep is cut and cooked in boilers. The Kyrgyz pilaf is prepared in black boilers. There is nothing ready. Everything is done by hand. According to it. According to it. National dishes are prepared for our traditions and receive a blessing from the elders. Since our houses are small, two or three families unite and together cover expenses, ”said Mukhtar.

A resident of the Zulkhada district, Ergin, said that the Turks cut sheep every year during Ramazan and invite 60-70 people at the same time. And those who do not cut sheep also prepare traditional Iftar dishes.

“Families organize iftar, preparing dishes such as manti and soup. In the quarter, they mainly score sheep and prepare dishes. They prepare pilaf and soup. And so from year to year. This tradition remains every year. Young people also contribute to Preservation of tradition. Today, the menu of pilaf with carrots, meat and soup, ”she said.

Ertim Ergin said that special dishes are being prepared throughout Ramazan. “We also score a sheep. We are preparing rice and soup. We are going to organize an Iftar for 60-70 people. This is how we do it every year. Of the national dishes today, manti and ayran. We teach young people, and they will transmit skills to those who will be after us,”- She added.