Kyrgyzstan does not want to see Tajikistan in CSTO

Bishkek initiated the exclusion of Dushanbe from the CSTO “taking into account the armed invasion of Tajikistan to Kyrgyzstan.” This was stated by the Secretary of the Council of Security of Kyrgyzstan Marat Imankulov, foreign media reported.

“The issues arising between the member states should be resolved peacefully. If someone tries to use force, then we propose to exclude it from the organization. Why is it necessary when you become a member of the CSTO and expect protection from an external threat, and get a conflict with the country within the organization? It is time for our countries to reconsider some parts of the charter providing for such moments, ”he said.

According to Imankulov, the Charter of the CSTO does not provide for any mechanisms in resolving disputes between participating countries. Imankulov noted that Kyrgyzstan offers the exclusion of the member state, which “uses force against another.”