Kyrgyzstan: he was detained wanted for an attempt to violent seizure of power

Employees of the State National Security Committee (GKNB) of Kyrgyzstan detained the suspect in an attempt to violent seizure of power.

According to the press service of the GKNB, Imamidin Tashov illegally crossed the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border. He was detained along the path from Almaty to Kara-Balt.

The head of the construction company planned to organize a temporary headquarters for the consolidation of forces to conduct a protest with the subsequent seizure of power.

In January, security forces conducted an operation against the group suspected of preparing a coup. Then Kyrgyz law enforcement officers received information that Tashov financed organizational activities for the preparation of the coup.

GKNB issued an arrest warrant for the interstate search for Tashov for a call for violent seizure of power and abuse of authority by employees of commercial or other organizations.

In the wanted list, Tashov born in 1983 carried out active recruiting work through social networks by misleading the population to seize power. Currently, relevant investigative measures are being held.