Largest river Italy was partially dry

In the north, Italy may declare a state of emergency due to the established drought, the result of which was a partial drainage of the longest river in the country, Reuters reports.

the channel stretching by 652 kilometers of the water artery, which feeds residents and the fields of Piedmont and Lombardy, now in some areas is a kind of desert With cracked earth. Researchers claim that in terms of the strongest drought since 1952 – there were no rains for more than 120 days, and the heat came in early spring. The lack of snow in the Alps, which usually nourishes the river in the summer, exacerbates the situation.

The water level in the river is three meters below the zero mark, which also affected Lake Majore, which she nourishes. Farmers of Piedmont and Lombardy were beating, because the crops of rice, soy and corn were threatened – there is simply nothing to water them.