Largest selection of passwords leaked to network

The largest password selection in history is published in the network of those who used to have been in the Internet, reports with Sybernews.

A 100 gigabyte text file was published on one of the popular hacker forums. It contained about 8.4 billion passwords. It is reported that they are collected together after numerous previous leaks and hacking of data. All passwords are unique and have a length of six to 20 characters.

It is noted that this can be called the largest leakage of password selections. The previous one happened in February 2021, when hackers have published more than three billion logins and passwords of users of Gmail and Hotmail email services, also obtained as a result of multiple fees. In addition, it is emphasized that the number of past passwords exceeds the total number of Internet users in the world almost twice. According to estimates, about 4.7 billion people use the worldwide network on the planet.

According to the portal, attackers can use leakage to create a password dictionary and for attacks by spraying them to a huge number of online accounts. Since many use the same password for several sites, the number of accounts that the potential attack is capable may also reach billion.