Last tour in Madrid: what place will Teimur Rajabov take?

Today, in Madrid, a tournament of applicants for a chess crown is ending. Azerbaijani grandmaster Teimur Rajabov plays black figures with Hungarian Richard Rapport.

After 13 rounds, Rajabov has 6.5 points, and he shares the 4-5th place with the American Fabiano Karuana, ahead of it according to additional indicators. The Azerbaijani chess player has two victories and two defeats at nine draws. At best, he can count on the third line in the final standings.

The winner of the tournament is already known. They became Russian Yang Nepomnya for the tour to the finish line. The struggle for the 2nd place, which, in the event of a refusal of Magnus Carlsen from the championship match, will give a chance to compete for a chess crown, the American Dan Din Liezhen is conducted by the American Hikaru Nakamura and Chinese. Today they are found in full -time confrontation in which Dean plays white.

Two other parties of the 14th round: Fabiano Caruan (USA) – Alitz Firuja (France), Yan -Kshishtof Duda (Poland) – Jan Nepomnya (Russia).

The tournament position after the 13th round:

1. Nonal – 9 points; 2. Nakamura – 7.5 points; 3. Din – 7 points; 4-5. Radzhabov, Karuana – 6.5 points each; 6. Rapport – 5.5 points; 7-8. Duda, Firuja – 5 points.