Latvia: complex military exercises of Namejs 2023 will start

From September 5 to October 2, the complex military exercises of the Namejs 2023, organized by the National Armed Forces, will be held on the territory of Latvia. The exercises will be attended by units of the Allies from the USA, Denmark, Estonia and Lithuania, the NATO combat group in Latvia, as well as representatives of the civilian sector, reports DELFI.LV.

The military and Zemessargs (National Guard of Latvia) of all departments of the NVS, as well as military personnel of the first draft and soldiers of the reserve, will take part in the exercises.

The exercises will also be attended by military personnel from the United States, Denmark, Estonia and Lithuania, the battle group of the expanded presence of NATO in Latvia, the Integration Unit of NATO forces in Latvia and the command of the Armed Forces of Canada in Latvia.

The exercises will be supported by the combined response forces. This year, exercises are first organized together with the headquarters of the multinational division of NATO “North”.

Silver Strela annual exercises organized by a motorized rifle brigade of the ground forces will be held simultaneously with Namejs 2023.

In total, approximately 8,500 participants will be involved in the exercises.

During the exercises on the main and regional roads of Latvia, soldiers and military equipment of Latvia and the Sanizer countries will be moved. During the implementation of training tasks, military aviation flights will be carried out in the airspace of Latvia, including at low altitudes, as well as combat firing at the training grounds.