Latvia goes into a hard locker

Starting from October 21, with the aim of containing the rapid spread of coronavirus, a rigid locarkuner comes into force in Latvia, TASS reports. It is noted that restrictive measures will be valid until November 15 and during this period only shops with essential goods will work in the country, only the most necessary services will also be available.

It is reported that during Lokdauna will also apply the curfew from 20:00 to 05:00. At this time, Latvians will be able to be outside their place of residence only in case of informed necessity, such as work or medical services. Enterprises of full-time business services and stores of essentials will work from 06:00 to 19:00. Remote trade during Lokdauna is permitted, but provided that enterprises will provide delivery of goods or their issuance outdoors, and catering establishments can trade food only or shipping.

Full-time work is permitted only in institutions that are necessary for the continuous functioning of the economy and society. Until November 15, any events are prohibited – sports, cultural, entertainment, and also prohibited the provision of services in the field of beauty, recovery, outdoor activities, exercise, sports, tourism. During Lokdaun, all public events are prohibited, including meetings, processions and pickets, as well as private events and meetings, with the exception of events within a single household.

School holidays extended until October 29, and from November 1, full-time training will resume students from the first to the third class, everyone else will learn remotely until November 15. In addition, all interests in interest and extracurricular activities are canceled. In turn, duty teams for children whose parents should work during the pre-school educational institutions during the actions of Lokdauna. In professional and higher education, the learning process should be remotely.

The State Police of Latvia will monitor compliance with the entered restrictions. The penalty for violating the requirements of epidemiological security during the locomotion for individuals is from € 10 to € 2,000, and for legal – from € 140 to € 5,000.

Recall, on October 18, Latvia became the world leader in the number of cases identified COVID-19.