Latvian government introduced regime of enhanced border protection

The Latvian government introduced the intensified security regime of the border, which will operate until September 12, the Latvian news service


“Attempts to illegally cross the border of Latvia and Belarus again became more frequent, in connection with which the Cabinet of Ministers repeatedly introduced the regime of enhanced protection of the borders – it is valid from March 13 and will last until September 12,” – follows from the message.

If in January five people tried to illegally cross the border, then by mid -March more than 300, it follows from the message.

for control over most of the Latvian-Belarusian border is responsible for the Daugavpils Department of the State Border Guard. The management inspector Vladimir Sherest cited a portrait of the average offender: “Basically, these are men aged 18 to 35 years. Most often they move in groups, but recently we have noticed cases when they moved alone or two people.”

There is already a fence on the ground part of the border, but the infrastructure by the water has yet to be built.

Border guards have already installed cameras along Daugava, and the Latvian State Center for Radio and Television is going to start work on an optical cable this year.

“There were times when people made a hole in the fence and illegally crossed the border through it,” the border guards say.