Latvian Sejm forbade import of agricultural products from Russia and Belarus

The Latvian Sejm adopted the law “On Agriculture and Development of the Village”, which prohibit the import of agricultural products from Russia and Belarus for domestic consumption, the press service of the Latvian parliament said.

The ban also applies to products coming from third countries if it is produced in Russia or Belarus. It applies directly to both agricultural and livestock products, the final delivery point of which is located in Latvia. Goods that are transported to other EU countries will not affect the restriction.

The law should still be approved by the President of Latvia Edgar Rinkevich. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia, in the first 10 months of last year, the import of Russian agricultural and feed products in the country amounted to 280 million euros.

In general, 90 percent of the total import of Russian agricultural products in Latvia were four commodity groups: feed, cereals, peas, rapeseed oil.

The Sejm instructed the Cabinet of Ministers by March 1 of the next year to evaluate and report the Sejm on the influence of the planned ban on the national economy and public interests.