Lavrov: All “balls” in context of negotiations between Russian Federation and Ukraine are on side of Kyiv

“All balls” in the context of the negotiation process between Russia and Ukraine are on the side of Kyiv. This point of view was expressed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Larov on a round table dedicated to the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis.

“The ball is not at all on our side. All the balls, and there are many of them, already on the side of the Kyiv regime a long time ago,” said the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation.

According to him, “Russia never refused negotiations with Ukraine,” but Kiev “a year ago adopted a decree signed [the President of Ukraine Vladimir] Zelensky, which prohibits negotiations with anyone from the Russian government.” “I really expect that countries that are treating initiatives to start negotiations know about this ban,” he added.

At the same time, the Russian minister noted that the West is trying to pull the countries of the global majority towards the support of the formula of the world of the President of Ukraine.

“The calculation of the right is completely in naive people who are not only in diplomacy, but simply in normal communication between adults. The fact that this is a direct scam is not necessary. And then hide behind the name of these normal countries, say: “You know, we have support for support in Asia, Africa and Latin America,” Lavrov noted.

The minister recalled that the West has long been saying that this formula of the world is the only basis for negotiations. “I am not even surprised, because these are exactly those unclean methods that the West uses not only in relation to Ukraine, in many other areas of global policy,” he concluded.

Touching the topic of investigation of the undermining on the Northern Stream and Northern Stream – 2 gas pipelines, Lavrov said that the West and “Finger did not move” in this direction.

“The northern streams“ blown up ”the northern streams a year ago, no one even moved a finger to investigate this in some transparette way. All this is swept under the carpet,” the minister said.

At the same time, he drew attention to the appearance of the versions of what happened, according to which “some five or six Ukrainians” allegedly “simply decided from a love of art to fuck.”

“Therefore, I think everyone is making money in this war. They have already talked about this a year ago. And the French Minister of Economics said a year ago that energy carriers for European business are four times more expensive than for the United States.” “It’s good that they understand this, and I hope they can someday do something about this,” Lavrov stated.