Lavrov: conference in Switzerland is convened to discuss Zelensky’s formula “in form of an ultimatum”

US sanctions in the field in the aviation industry, including against Iran and a ban on the supply of spare parts for American -made aircraft, are at risk of people’s lives. This was stated by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a press conference following a meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers (SMID) of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

“Former Foreign Minister Iran Javad Zarif already explicitly said about this, accusing the US of imposing sanctions, which include a ban on the supply of spare parts for American aircraft, they are at risk of people’s lives. The Americans reject from this but in fact, in other countries against which the United States announces sanctions, there are no spare parts for American equipment, including aviation, ”said Lavrov.

In addition, Lavrov said that SMID SCO participants ”expressed confidence that the continuity of Iran’s foreign policy would be preserved, including with respect to active participation in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.”

– Conference in Ukraine in Switzerland

“The Swiss Conference is convened solely to discuss the” formula of Zelensky “in the form of ultimatum,” the Russian Foreign Minister believes. At the same time, the minister noted that “the Chinese initiative involves the consideration of the root causes and the achievement of an agreement to eliminate these reasons through ensuring the principle of equal indivisible security in practice, when the security of all involved states will be equally guaranteed.”

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“The Swiss Conference is convened solely to discuss Zelensky’s formula in the form of an ultimatum. And it is no coincidence that the Swiss themselves, including diplomats, say that this conference will not be about some kind of bridge for concluding peace, but supporting the support Ukraine “, – said Lavrov.

The Foreign Minister noted that “at the end of April, discussing this venture with the Swiss conference with foreign ambassadors in Kyiv, according to some participants, (the President of Ukraine Vladimir) Zelensky, most of his time, was chaotic in high, almost hysterical tones and demanded to support his “Formula of the world” as a means to make Russia “to kneel”.

“A person, when he does not feel the need to control himself, he is telling the truth,” Lavrov explained.

In addition, the Foreign Minister called the “funny“ attempts of the West to ”the countries of the country for a peaceful conference in Switzerland in Ukraine.

“Those who are now under the laying, calling to come to Switzerland in order to create a crowd, participate in this” family photograph “, in order to then talk about the wide support of the” formula of Zelensky “, must understand where they are lured. They are lured. They lure to support the ultimatum, which they will then present to Russia.

Such “games have nothing to do with diplomacy, as, in fact, other foreign policy steps of Western partners who have lost diplomatic skills,” says the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation.