Lavrov grinned in response to question of Macron’s statement about sending troops to Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov answered with a laugh to the question of statements by French President Emmanuel Macron that sending troops to Ukraine should not remain “behind the scenes”.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov met with Turkish Foreign Minister Khakan Fidan as part of the Antalyan diplomatic forum 2024, which takes place in the NEST congress center in the Belek tourism region. Anadolu agency (AA) acts as a “global communication partner” forum.

Representatives of the press awaiting the Russian minister asked Lavrov relevant questions on the agenda.

To the question of how he relates to the statement of President of France Macron on the commissioning of troops into Ukraine, Lavrov answered with laughter.

The Minister Lavrov left other questions unanswered.

Speaking on February 26 at the closure of the conference on the support of Ukraine organized by France, President Emmanuel Macron said: “We will do our best so that Russia does not win this war.”

Having indicated that in order to achieve this goal, “everything is possible”, Macron added that sending troops to Ukraine should not remain “beyond the question”.