Lavrov: summit in Ukraine in Switzerland comes down to “formulation of an ultimatum for Russian Federation”

The upcoming conference in Ukraine in Switzerland is to “formulate an ultimatum for Russia.”

This was stated by the candidate for the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov in the Federation Council, where consultations were consulted by the relevant committee on his reassignment to this position, according to Monday, May 13, Russian state media.

“The conference has long been heard by all those who are trying to defeat Russia on the battlefield without abandoning diplomatic methods, as they say. But those diplomatic methods and conference in Switzerland are no exception, but only the continuation of the Copenhagen process, are reduced To formulate the ultimatum of Russia, ”said Lavrov.

The West wants a decision of the Ukrainian conflict on the battlefield, if he wants, he will “be on the battlefield,” said a candidate for the post of head of the Russian diplomatic mission.

The diplomat indicated that in Moscow they are ready for negotiations not only in words, but also in practice.

“We in Istanbul really were a step away from the paraffited document to sign and thereby finish a special military operation, as the sponsors of Ukraine are now recognized on the conditions very favorable for Ukraine. Our political scientists also talk about this. I do with this. I agree, ”Lavrov noted.

According to him, the case was the last time when the Russian leadership “contrary to numerous previous deceptions from the West decided to believe and show good will.” “They deceived again, forced to fight again,” Lavrov stated.

In the meantime, the Committee of the Federation Council for International Affairs completed consultations on the candidacy of Sergei Lavrov for the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

As explained in the press service of the upper house of the parliament, there will be no open assessments following the results of consultations, the entire substantial part will be presented in the information letter, which will be sent to the President of the Russian Federation along with the decree of the Chamber.