Laying Sergey Smirnova: “All American gas went to Asia and return to Europe does not intend

On the calculations of the head of the Kazakhstan Information and Analytical Oil and Gas Portal Sergey Smirnova, the price of oil in 2022 will vary within 65-80 dollars per barrel. As stated in his commentary for, a well-known analyst, among the factors that will restrain the rise in prices, the analyst calls the opening of the United States and a number of other states of its oil reserves, as well as the continued coronavirus pandemic. In opposition to the state member states + intend to increase oil production volumes in 2022.

According to the expert, the stock exchange prices for oil, as a rule, are purely speculative. Any kind of significant political or economic events for a while, or even the statement of the press secretary of someone from the world leaders instantly leads to a jump or, on the contrary, to the collapse of prices for London oil exchanges, New York or Shanghai. For example, to the statement of the Russian government that Gazprom will fulfill its obligations and does not intend to overlap gas supplies, the market responded with a 40 percent price drop.

“Pay attention to this striking fact,” says Sergey Smirnov. “There were no additional volumes of liquefied gas to Europe, however prices after the statement of Putin’s president fell from almost $ 2.000 per thousand cubic meter to below 1,200 dollars. All this is the result of speculative. Games on stock exchanges. Approximately the same thing happens on oil exchanges, where jumps in one direction or another will still be, however, the average price will remain at $ 70 per barrel. “

According to Smirnov, next year the influence of Kovid on oil exchanges will continue. It was worth only the information about the new strain “Oomikron”, as Japan instantly closed, and Israel introduced restrictions on flights from South Africa, Russia, EU countries. All this leads to a reduction in fuel consumption in the world.