Leader “Hezbollah” hopes for Iranian petroleum products

The Shiite Party “Hezbollah” will help overcome the fuel crisis in Lebanon thanks to the supply of petroleum products from Iran. This was stated by the leader “Hezballah” Sheikha Hassan Narulla in a television traffic on the channel Al Mayadeen.

He said that another Iranian tanker was preparing to the Lebanese coast. On August 19, the Iranian vessel with fuel oil headed towards Livan. Hezbollah does not seek to replace the Lebanese State or Oil Company, “said Narullah. – We do not compete with anyone, our goal is to assist all Lebanese districts, all communities and groups of the population, and not just Shiites. “He also noted that Iran” has a wealth of experience in oil and gas production and its company is able to help Lebanese In the development of shelf hydrocarbon fields. “

Referring to the project of Egyptian gas supplies for Lebanese power plants through a pipeline through the territory of Jordan and Syria, Shiite leader of Lebanon stressed that it will be necessary to enter into negotiations with the governments of these countries. The gas pipeline gasket in the northern regions of Lebanon, according to him, will take at least six months. “It all depends on whether the United States will remove their veto with the provision of economic assistance to Beirut,” said Narulla.

The leader “Hezbollah” argued that “American and Saudi intervention in Lebanon since 2005 was aimed at undermining the positions of the forces of resistance, but all their attempts provoke a new civil war failed.” He laid on the US Embassy in Beirut responsibility “for the suffering that the economic blockade brings the Lebanese.” “Many states are ready to come to resist Lebanon, but America’s veto does not allow them to do it,” said Narulla.