Leader of Turkish Cyprus criticized position of France and USA

President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRK) Ersin Tatars sharply criticized the steps of France and the United States on Cyprus, calling them a violation of the agreements from 1960.

In an interview with Anadol, the Tatars attracted attention to the plans for creating a French military base in the south of the island, as well as the sale of American weapons to the Greek community of Cyprus.

Ersin Tatars recalled that in 1960, three agreements on the Cyprus Republic were signed between Turkey, Great Britain and Greece, which also suggested guarantees to the population of the island. These agreements prescribed that without the permission of the three of the above states, no supply or placement of weapons on the island is impossible, the leader of TRSK stated.

“Greek Cyprus and today calls itself” the Republic of Cyprus “, stating that all the agreements to create this state are valid. If so, how will France create a naval base in Cyprus?” Asked the politician.

According to him, a violation of agreements of 1960 was also the adoption of Greek Cyprus in the EU in 2004.

The leader of the Greeks-Kiprotov noted that Lefkosh advocates maintaining stability in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. “Without the approval of Lefkoshi and Ankara, negotiations with Paris to create a military base on the island are erroneous. We hope that France will be more attentive in this matter,” he emphasized.