Leaders of G20 countries adopted final declaration of summit in New Delhi

(aa) – the leaders of the G20 countries adopted the final declaration of the summit in New Delhi.

The document emphasized the inadmissibility of the use of nuclear weapons against the background of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“In accordance with the UN Charter, all states must refrain from threats and use of force to achieve territorial acquisitions directed against territorial integrity, sovereignty or political independence of any state, as well as the use of nuclear weapons,” the document says.

The document notes that developing and least developed countries are still trying to recover from the consequences of pandemia and economic upheavals that impede progress in achieving the goals of the UN in the field of sustainable development, and that there are different opinions and assessments regarding this situation.

In addition, the document draws attention to the efforts of Turkey on a grain transaction.

“We value efforts to achieve Istanbul agreements through the mediation of Turkey and the UN on the access of Russian food and fertilizers to world markets,” the document will say.

The declaration calls for the immediate and unhindered ensuring the export of grain, food and fertilizer products from Russia and Ukraine.

“This is necessary to meet the demand in developing and least developed countries, and mainly in Africa,” the document says.

The final declaration mentioned that the Ministers of Finance and the Great Twenth Station Managements will discuss the road map for the development of cryptocurrencies in October 2023.

“We approve of the recommendations of a high level of the Council for the financial stability of the G20 on the regulation, supervision and monitoring of the activities of cryptocurrency assets,” the document says.

The declaration focuses on the fact that developing countries should be better represented in international financial and economic institutions.

“on various sites it was said about the need to breathe a new life into a system of multilaterality in order to meet the global challenges of the 21st century, to make global management more representative, effective, transparent and accountable. In this regard, it is necessary to revive the system of multilaterality and make it more inclusive, required Reforms aimed at the implementation of the agenda for the period until 2030, ”the document says.

In addition, the declaration emphasizes that developing countries need 5.8-5.9 trillion dollars to achieve their goals for emissions by 2030.

The G20 leaders are held on a regular basis once a year in different countries. This year, the event is 18th time in India under the motto “One land, one family, one future.” The main theme of the event: “Inclusive and stable world.” India will first receive the forum, meetings are held at the largest exhibition center Pragati Maidan (Bharat Mandapam).