Lionel Messi will continue his career in Inter Miami

Argentine Lionel Messi, who left Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), announced that he would continue his career in the Inter Miami, one of the teams of the US football league (MLS).

Speaking to representatives of the Spanish press, the 35-year-old football star said: “I am moving to Inter Miami. I would very much like to return to Barcelona and I had such a dream. However, after what happened two years ago, I did not want to leave my future in the wrong hands and get into the same situation. I made a decision, thinking about myself and my family. “

Affirming that financial considerations did not affect his decision, Messi added: “It’s not about money. If it were so, I would go to Saudi Arabia or somewhere else.”

Earlier, Inter Miami announced the transition of Messi by publishing the corresponding video on his page on the social network.